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What's wrong with FTP?

Can the protocol cut it in todays fast paced, demanding world?

Three main reasons to re-consider using an FTP.

Impress your new L.A clients.

Avoid the pitfalls of sending TB's across the Pond.

Sending TB's across the world.

Your new upload routine.

Out with the old.

Your new upload routine. Do you have time not to change?

Is 10Gb Internet Right for Independent TV Production?

When is it worth the cost?

3 reasons why 10 gbp/s might be too much!

Does a small production company need an IT department?

How do they stay competitive without one?

How do smaller or new production companies stay competitive with the 'big boys' that have all the hardware?

Netflix needs your delivery now!

4 ways to deliver your content

In April 2022 in the UK, there were around 110,000 hours of content available on all streaming platforms.

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