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Do M&E production houses need an I.T. department?

Yes. But not necessarily in the office

Cloud storage is supposed to be unbreakable, always available file storage that is significantly cheaper than running and maintaining your own servers. Right now, if you have an IT or Devops team lurking in your office, that promise is coming true. Teams like this can replace their physical, on-premise systems with cloud resources, at the cost of some development effort.

They can manage the complicated pricing structures and lower costs. And they can then enjoy the benefits of working in the cloud - 

  • secure, worldwide access to shared resources to enable remote working
  • rapid scalability with storage that can’t ever run out
  • no hardware maintenance and capital expenditure
  • no wasted resources - only pay for storage that you’re using

But what if your IT team is just you, or maybe your production team deals with it themselves? Perhaps your editors, producers and shooters are scattered across the country (or the world), and you need the flexibility of remote working together. Or you deal with a huge footage archive that needs constant remote access.

Developing your own software or systems to address your needs is out of reach. Posting hard drives, or storing archive on portable drives in the office, is just too unreliable and slow. Either you’re left with out-the-box, consumer solutions that don’t meet the performance or reliability needs of media production - services like Dropbox, Drive and others. Or you’ve got to invest in expensive, vendor-locked media management systems, provide your own storage, connect it all together, manage it, and make sure it's secure - often a complicated process.

What if you could have all of that done for you? Swift removes complicated pricing, difficult IT systems and poor performance from the equation. All you need to access all of your precious video footage is a laptop, and an internet connection.

There’s one hub for your content - your own Signiant MediaShuttle portal, with easy and secure login, and simple team management. Signiant integrates easily with the tools you use already and it’s an industry standard. There’s only one performance level - fast. And there’s just one price - with everything included. Keep all your content with Swift, or just the projects you’re working on - you'll only be charged for whatever you use that month, and no more. 

Maybe you want to go one step further? Cloud editing is now becoming a viable alternative to beefy laptops or edit suites - and it saves a lot of cash compared to the traditional, offline way. Swift easily connects your cloud archive or permanent project storage to any cloud NLE software around - from remote desktop style solutions through to fully cloud native, browser based editors.

Talk to one of Swift's friendly, M&E literate I.T pro's today for more advice. Try it for free!

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