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Does a small production company need an IT department?

How do they stay competitive without one?

With over 30+ years combined DIT experience in the film and TV industry we know a thing or two about delivering content.

As with most people we cut our teeth working on larger productions, with a decent budget, that could afford a large staff and all the required equipment. 

It wasn't until we started having our own content ideas and working with much smaller production companies that we fully realised the gulf between large and small content producers. 

We all know the difference that a healthy budget can make to production values, and we were getting bored of seeing incredible ideas and talent being squandered due to lack of funds. This is what made us come together and form Swift.

To deliver TB’s of high quality RAW footage anywhere in the world on the same day requires expensive hardware, a dedicated internet connection, and a team of I.T pros. When combined these costs are astronomical and can only be justified for large scale production companies that can absorb the cost with multiple, concurrent productions. 

Swift has changed the game by opening up this technology for anybody. 

We have built our own system that is more capable than any we built before! We have the latest hardware, one of the fastest public internet connections in the UK, and the very best I.T pros in the game! Our system can deliver TB’s in minutes and is invaluable for any production.

So what’s different about us? The difference is you now dont need to own all of this and deal with the upfront, and ongoing costs. You can simply rent ours!

You wouldn’t buy a car to make one journey, you’d rent one.

And content delivery is just the start. Swift is on a mission to offer high-end production values to any production. Your idea deserves the best!

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