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Impress your new L.A clients.

Avoid the pitfalls of sending TB's across the Pond.

Nearly half of all data sent with Swift ends up in the U.S! 

In fact it was the difficulty in sending HUGE files back ‘home’ that inspired us to start Swift. 

Dailies, Masters, Previews, Approvals, even entire Catalogs get sent from filmmakers and distributors working in the UK back to the Office in L.A.

Sending a few TB’s is easy, if you have time and money. Your own dedicated 10 GBp/s internet would handle it. Or you could send hard drives in the post? 

But what if security was a main concern? Or what if you wanted LA to receive that TB on the same day, and you don't have access to broadcast or enterprise standard hardware?

Swift allows you to send as much content as you can shoot using our dedicated internet, broadcast standard hardware, and dedicated I.T professionals. 

Send TB’s in minutes. From £0.30 p/GB

Now you can send an entire 8k shoot, in full-res, anywhere in the world on the same day. Impressive!

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