we’re a London based startup. we’re trying to change the way London creatives connect with the world.
have you ever tried to rent a fast internet connection in London? a leased line maybe, or a bonded solution? we have. and if you have too, you’ll know it is not only a pain, but it’s also extremely expensive.
did you know that in Canada, you can get a symmetrical 1Gbps connection to your home for $50 per month? in south korea it’s even cheaper, around $35. in fact it’s a fairly standard consumer internet speed.
in London, you’re probably looking at about £500 for that same line. each and every month. not to mention a hefty installation fee.
we think we can do better. squishing the IT and media worlds together, we’re bringing your data to our fast internet connection in the heart of London. we can’t change the UK’s creaking telecoms infrastructure (yet), but what we can do right now, is take a rack in the most central datacentre we could find, and offer that speed and reliability to you on a pay-as-you-go basis. so we did.
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