we are focused on data transfer, that’s all we do, and we only do it for the tv and film industry. we understand how large your rushes can get and we are ready for them!
we’re connected directly to Telehouse North via super fast dark fibre links. And, we’re using the latest networking technology to transfer your files 10x to 100x faster than you’ve been able to achieve in the past. centrally located, and connected to London’s fastest fibre trunks, our bandwidth can quickly scale from 10Gb/s up to 100Gb/s
to put that speed into context- that’s a full RED 960GB mini mag uploaded in 1.5 minutes!
it’s transporting the physical drives that takes most of the time. that’s why we only use motorbikes ridden by well trained riders. we don’t get stuck in traffic, and we don’t rely on the post.
there’s no quicker way around London, until we can afford our own helicopter!
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