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Our flagship turnkey, affordable, no-contract data transfer solution for producers and creators.

UK to US in no time.

Swift Atlas removes the complication and expense of transferring huge files from London and the UK. Just one call, and we can have your files ready for download in the US within 6 hours.

How it works

We collect your hard drives from set or location via our trusted logistics partners.

Your files are ingested or uploaded via our nearest data centre on a minimum 10Gb/s connection

You receive your files via Media Shuttle link or your own custom branded Media Shuttle portal.

Making large file uploads easy.

If you need to shoot in the UK and transfer the footage back to base fast - it's a daunting prospect to arrange that connectivity from 3000 miles away. Either you've got expensive, over-stretched local post services as your go between, or you've got the prospect of standing up networking and storage hardware, finding a line with enough bandwidth, arranging an accelerated transfer software solution, IT administration, configuring unfreindly enterprise networking equipment, long contracts...

Or, you can go with our turnkey solution. All of the expense and complication, taken care of by us. One phone call is all it takes.


Everything's taken care of - transporting your drives, acceleration software, recipient delivery, transfer reports, 10Gb/s internet - we put all the ingredients together.


Enterprise grade encryption, both at rest and in flight. High security data centres to store your precious footage. Trusted partners to pick up your hard drives from set.


The fastest, in fact. No other M&E data transfer service comes close to our standard 10Gb/s connections.
Signiant Media Shuttle accelerates all our transfers, up to 100 x faster than other TCP solutions.

A Media Shuttle Portal for your team.

Signiant Media Shuttle is the easiest and most reliable way for people to send any size file, anywhere, fast. As a trusted and established name in the M&E space, Signiant's software is the perfect complement to our Atlas transfer service. We use Shuttle exclusively to move your data - and with any Swift Atlas project of more than 5TB, you'll get a custom branded portal for your team included free.

One-off or long-term

Call us today and we can get your data online within 6 hours. Or we can support your entire shoot schedule - with discounts and incentives on top of our sliding pricing scale.

Completely turnkey.

All you need is data (preferably on a portable disk), and the email address of your recipient. It's that simple.

We can even provide you with a high performance portable SSD if you happen to need it.

Even without a DIT on set, we can help. Talk to us for options on direct camera card ingest.

Book a demonstration

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