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Pay as you go for a branded, media-focused Signiant Send Portal. Send massive files yourself without any limits on size or speed, and with a flexible, rolling monthly contract. Our file transfer app is always pay for what you use, highly secure, 10Gb/s native and simple to get started.

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We've made moving massive files (100GB+) in the M&E industry much easier. Super fast upload speeds (the fastest actually) and the highest levels of security will dramatically reduce your turnaround times, and stress levels.

Our 10 Gb/s upload capability is the fastest around. That doesn't mean you will be uploading at 10 Gb/s (for that you’ll need to give us your data on a hard drive, read more here). It does mean that your home/office internet speed will be maximised, and never bogged down by superfluous features.

What more do you need? How about the cheapest price in town? Our no-marketing-speak policy means we mean it! if you find a cheaper quote, we’ll smash it.

No faster way to move large files

Simple to use, powerful under the hood. You get industry leading, patented Signiant file acceleration technology to maximise your bandwidth, making sure every megabit of your connection can be used efficiently. The secret is latency - Signiant file acceleration practically eliminates the problems caused by TCP latency, especially at long distances. Transfers can therefore be up to 100 times faster than standard methods such as FTP.

Storage matters - when you send a file with Swift, we only store your uploaded files on storage capable of delivering read speeds that exceed 10Gb/s, unlike many competitors.

Quite a few ‘accelerated file transfer’ companies claim up to 10Gb/s bandwidth speeds. We’ve gone to the trouble of testing them all, and found that only Signiant’s Media Shuttle solution paired with our storage can live up to those claims.

Secure Sending

Security is at the top of the list for any IT solution for creative media. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to secure all aspects of our service:

  • PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 compliant data centers
  • Fully encrypted local and cloud storage
  • DPP ‘Committed to Security’ mark for Broadcast and Production via Signiant
  • 3-2-1 Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy in place for every one of our systems
  • MPA and GDPR certified cloud storage
  • Fully encrypted data in flight
  • Content protection - password protect each transfer to add another layer of security and encryption
  • Battle-proven Signiant file transfer technology - a preferred tool for Hollywood studios, broadcasters, sports leagues and more
  • Multi-Factor Authentication in every system we use
  • Zero-trust data access

Your own Media Shuttle ‘Send’ portal

Signiant Media Shuttle is the easiest and most reliable way for people to send any size file, anywhere, fast. As a trusted and established name in the M&E space, Signiant's software is the perfect complement to our storage. Usually out of reach for smaller creatives, now you can use a Media Shuttle 'Send' portal to send your files with a convenient pay-as-you-go solution. And you can design your send portal to match your website or branding, so your customers always know they're in the right place.

Pay for what you use

Use it as much or as little as you need. We’ll only ever charge you for data downloaded by your recipient, and we charge per gigabyte.  If your recipient doesn’t download, you don’t pay.


Simple, automated monthly billing. No downloads this month? Well, you've got nothing to pay then. Regular monthly usage reports straight to your inbox.

Up to 10Gb/s upload and download speed (depending on your connection)
Fully encrypted
Content protection
Branded download portal for recipients
No file size limits
Only pay if your recipient downloads
$0.20/GB downloaded
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Sign up today - for nothing

See the difference for yourself and search no longer. The fastest and most cost-effective solution to your transfer woes lies ahead. Sign up today and start your no-risk 14-day trial with 100GB included - completely on us. We’ll walk you through everything needed to get set up - and if you have any specific requirements we will be happy to accommodate.

Free 14-day Trial

A swift bird revealing the London skyline behind it

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