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Edge Connect

Avoid long contracts and film-illiterate IT services.

Shooting in the UK?

Connectivity can be an issue here in Britain, when the need to transfer many terabytes arises. Especially if you only need the connection for a matter of weeks. We've solved the problem by bringing pay-go 10Gb/s ultra-fast connectivity to the UK, particularly for international productions who need to move a lot of data back to base, fast.

It's connectivity at the Edge - but better

We're doing Edge Connect differently. No need to deploy extremely expensive fibre solutions on set - just leave the heavy lifting to us. Our Swift.Atlas service is a highly efficient and ultra-fast way of transferring your dailies, select digital assets or even the entire day's hi-res footage. Back to base, direct to your cloud solution, or wherever it needs to go.

No limits

We don't have any file size limits. Terabytes of video clips are no problem for us. We can even provide physical disks or NAS rigs if you need higher capacity drives for transfer.

No contract

We know film and TV shoots work on a project basis. Don't sign up for a service you'll only use 10% of the time - use us, when you need us, and no more than that.

No fuss

We'll get all the details right. Don't worry about IT support, arranging storage, unfriendly networking equipment - we wrap that all into one service.

Lower your carbon footprint.

Still sending hard drives by FedEx? It's still a cost-effective option, if quite slow. But many companies are now considering their impact on our environment. We'll save all that jet fuel and deliver your files faster - with up to 99% reduction in emissions for your green credentials.

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