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Principal Photography Transfer

Direct from location to the world.

Data's never been more important.

As creators collaborate remotely more and more, accessing your production's digital video data has never been more crucial. We've got the systems and capacity to transfer hundreds of terabytes a week, from the UK to any recipient or platform in the world.

High quality means big data.

If you're shooting in ultra hi-res, lightly-compressed formats, you might run into problems moving all that data around. With Swift Atlas, you can be sure your day's shoot will securely make it to post or the lab that evening.

Rushes and dailies

Digital cinema cameras can now produce many tens of terabytes of hi-res footage every day. With us you'll be able to move that in no time, and you can even review the raw clips right in the browser.

Virtual Production

Virtual production is a good way of generating ungodly amounts of data. When you need to get that to post on the day, Swift Atlas is your best bet.

Expand your production opportunities

Restricted data transfer means restricted partnership opportunities. Transfering with us opens up a world of possibilities for your potential production team.

Lightweight, heavy-lift

Swift Atlas is our heavy duty workhorse for accelerated digital video transfer. But you wouldn't know it from the lightweight, user-friendly Media Shuttle front-end.

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