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Effortless cloud storage.

We store and move terabytes of data, fast. You pay less.

Cloud experts. has a deep expertise in storing, moving and sharing video asset data. We've dedicated our company to managing and delivering huge, unwieldy video files - which can be daunting for the small to medium size producer or creator. For us, transferring terabytes of video clips into cloud storage is no problem - making it simple to work remotely for example, or to bring clients' archive into the cloud.

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Latest News secures first-look at Signiant Media Engine has been selected as the third company in the world by Signiant Inc., the market leader in intelligent file transfer software, to help test their brand new software feature Media Engine.

Media Engine allows Signiant’s SaaS customers to easily search, preview and take action on media assets across all their Signiant-connected storage, from anywhere in the world. will be bringing this feature to customers once the software has reached general availability. Find out more about this feature.

We can move your archive to the Cloud, for easy access and vastly superior data durability.

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The fastest way to move large files

Whatever your use case, we've got a sharp looking, high-performance Media Shuttle portal for it. Enable clients to send or receive footage simply and quickly. Or, use a Share portal to organise your production workflow and effectively manage your assets.

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The future of non-linear video editing is in the cloud. The tools are there, and the potential for remote edting and collaboration is high. But there's a problem.

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Your clients want to keep their production projects safe and sound. Offer cloud archiving to them for a fraction of the cost of on-premise or portable drive storage, all with easy, on-demand access. Not to mention increasing the durability of their data by up to a factor of 1000 compared to portable disk storage.

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Signiant Media Shuttle is the easiest and most reliable way for people to send any size file, anywhere, fast. As a trusted and established name in the M&E space, Signiant's software is the perfect complement to our cloud storage. We use Shuttle exclusively to migrate your data. And, we offer a Share portal to access your cloud storage easily, using it as a central repository for your work in progress. It's the perfect editing-from-home companion.


With our inexpensive Media Shuttle Send or Submit portals, you can send or receive anything securely, quickly and with a friendly user interface. Deliver masters to distribution. Receive VFX shots. Send dailies. Or... anything really!



Whether your cloud storage strategy is locked in, or you're looking for a solution - we can help deal with the hassle of moving all that data into the cloud.

With our Cloud Migration service, we can migrate your data to the cloud, quickly and without any fuss. Using our secure, UK-based, PCI-DSS certified data center servers, we can move your data at 10Gb/s into your cloud storage.