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About us

Supporting M&E creators into a connected future.

We're data and networking specialists.

We specialise in the transfer of data for the media and entertainment business, moving and storing your data fast. We understand production processes and what small to medium sized production companies really need. Now you can avoid the complication of server installation, administering complex cloud products, or managing unfriendly enterprise networking equipment. We pull all the pieces together in a simple, easy to use end product.

Our focus

At we are focused on cloud storage and data transfer, that’s all we do - and we only do it for the media and entertainment industry.We understand how large and unwieldy hi-res video files can be. In today's remote working, cloud first world, a fast and secure method of file transfer and storage is vital. But often the best tools for the job are out of reach for most content creators.

Our mission

It's our mission to:

  • Open up exclusive, enterprise class accelerated transfer to productions of any size
  • Democratise 10Gb/s internet
  • Deliver services as needed, and let you switch them off when they're no longer required
  • Drive down the entire cost of the cloud
  • Make cloud editing and remote collaboration work for production teams of all sizes

Meet our team

Josh Marriott

Founder and Managing Director

Josh spent half a lifetime in the live events industry, delivering live video solutions for some of the biggest venues and clients in the UK. Josh founded during 2020 to solve his production and distribution friends' data transfer problems.

e: josh AT

Tom George

Marketing Director

Tom has created Marketing campaigns for some of the worlds largest brands, and some of the smallest. His experience ranges from the gritty marketing of London's Start-up's to Account manager for BMW, Hendricks, Panasonic, and more.

The best Marketing comes from a passion for the industry, and Tom lives for Film and TV as much as Swift does! If he's not watching the TV he's probably travelling somewhere!

e: tom AT

T.H. Ilori

Network Consultant

With 10 years of security, networking and database experience, Tola is our dashing Network Consultant. DNS is his worst foe.